In addition to the Kennel Club Code of Ethics, the following London Collie Club Code of Ethics should be observed by breeders and owners.

1. All members shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit on dogs in general and in particular to Rough and Smooth Collies, whether at home, out walking, travelling or at shows.

2. All members shall behave in a sportsmanlike manner and be courteous to all judges, stewards, officials and other exhibitors.

3. All members must maintain the best possible standards of health and environment for their dogs, not keeping more than they can maintain or properly care for, ensuring that any dogs in their care will receive any veterinary care required.

4. Owners should consider carefully the best means of identifying their dog in case it becomes lost. From 6 April 2016 all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales will be legally required to be microchipped and their details registered on one of the authorised databases such as Petlog.

5. To try and eradicate hereditary defects from the Rough and Smooth Collie and to this end, shall submit breeding stock and puppies to health checks under the appropriate BVA/KC schemes.

6. To abide by the Kennel Club rules as to the breeding of bitches, i.e. not to breed from a bitch under 12 months or over the age of eight years.

7. Due consideration must be given with regards to hereditary conditions and temperament before breeding a litter of puppies. Brood bitches must also be in good health and condition and should not be bred from more than two seasons out of three.

8. Members shall not show any bitch that is obviously in whelp or nursing puppies.

9. Dogs offered at stud shall be in good health and condition, and believed to be free from disease, and they should have also been sires of live puppies.

10. To refuse a stud service to any bitch that is known to be suffering from any defect which in the member's opinion renders it unlikely to breed normal healthy puppies.

11. All stock offered for sale must be clean, in good health and condition and ideally be free from hereditary defects. Members shall be completely honest and not in any way try to be misleading.

12. To refuse to sell dogs to wholesalers, retail pet dealers, laboratories or any other commercial sources, nor shall members give dogs as a prize or donation in a competition. Members shall also refuse to sell dogs to any buyer where they have reason to believe they will not have a happy, healthy life or be properly cared for.

13. Members will not sell puppies under the age of eight weeks of age and will supply the purchaser of a dog with a pedigree, diet sheet, accurate health records and information regarding training, exercise, worming, inoculations, grooming and general care etc. Members shall also give any after sales advice required including actively helping (if necessary) with the rehoming of a dog should circumstances change.

14. Members must also accept that dogs, like people, grow old and need special care and attention and therefore be prepared to love and care for a dog, for all of its life whilst in their ownership.

15. Health and welfare of dogs MUST be considered at all times.

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